How many packets of wet wipes can be produced by 1 ton of non-woven fabric

2022-02-22 09:00

  After the order, there is a production lead time for Wet wipes machine. Meanwhile the customers begin to do the site planning and dust-free workshop decoration. Customers also need to get raw materials ready for production.Here is an interesting question:how many packets of wet wipes can be produced by 1 ton of non-woven fabric?

  To measure the production quantity of wet wipes based on non-woven materials, the size and weight of the wet wipes should be determined. For example, the thickness of the conventional wet wipes is 45gsm, the size is 180mm*150mm, and each bag contains 80 strips of baby wipes. 

  By non-woven tonnage converted to grams, and then according to the 45 gsm per square non-woven this value, we can estimate how big one ton of non-woven fabric is. Divide by the area and the size of each piece of cloth,we can estimate how many sheets of this type of wipes can be produced, 80 pieces per pack. The final value is how many packs can be produced. 

  Wipes machine experts can quickly calculate that 1 ton of non-woven fabric can produce 10288 packages of wipes.  Similarly, we can measure how many packs of other wipes can be produced in single, 10, 30, 60, 80, or 100 pieces.  

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