• 1.Production line speed

    For example:1000 pcs\min

  • 2.packing bag thickness

    Bag thickness : 40-70 mm

  • 3.Sample bags type

    1. Chinese bag:bag-making online 2. European bag: premade bag on wickets

  • 4.Pads layer confirmation :

    single layer or double layer

  • 5.prefered servo system

    □ Mitshubishi、□ Yaskawa、□ Siemens、□ Schneider、□ AB、

  • 6.inkjet

    □on-line(before packing)□off line(after packing)

  • 7.Pad type

    baby diaper or sanitary napkin pad

  • 8.Production line Process orientation:

    from left to right or from right to left

  • 9.packing bag film

    □Aluminum film □PE □composite film

  • 10.optimal speed requirement


  • 11.Lead time

    3-4 months

  • 12.sanitary pad folding type

    tri-fold or straight

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