Value objectives of equipment OEM

Allows our customers to better focus on R&D, marketing, and other high value added work.

· Refine non-standard equipment production processes, taking full advantage of specialists and their knowledge.

· R&D is the core competitiveness for a custom equipment manufacturer.

· A maximum market share is the final objective of the custom equipment manufacturer.

· R&D and marketing utilize just 20% of a company’s resources, resulting in an 80% share of the total economic benefits.

· Outsourcing fabrication to OEM manufacturers allows our customers to focus on R&D, marketing, and other high-value added work.

· Focusing resources on R&D and marketing is a guaranteed method for quickly helping customers achieve an asset light business model.

Reduce costs, decrease risk, enhance quality, improve efficiency

· Reduce cost: a low production cost and an excellent product quality lead to a better market competitiveness. A low asset/high working efficiency contribute to reducing overall operation costs and associated risks.

· Decrease risk: Downsizing the work force decreases the labor costs, while scale production decreases equipment costs. Operating with no factory decreases asset costs.

· Enhance quality: GACHN employs experts in OEM equipment production and development. A full quality management system is used, including IQC, PQC and FQC to enhance custom machinery quality. experienced and skillful experts of OEM equipment production and development.

· Improve efficiency: lean production and a reliable product quality ensure a shortened delivery and acceptance cycle, thus improving the business operating efficiency.

Protect the customer’s intellectual properties

· GACHN will sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer and take full responsibility for any information disclosed by our company.

· While with the company and among suppliers, drawings are encrypted and divided to ensure there is no single complete drawing in every process.

· A confidential workshop is built and managed to prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering or taking pictures.

· A 24-hour monitor cloud platform 

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