Family package baby wipe machine

Why choose GACHN
1.Gachn is a reliable wet wipe packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, leader in designing and manufacturing automated bag packaging equipment.
2.Gachn's wet wipes packaging machine have helped the biggest wipe producer in China capture more than 40% of market share in China.
3.More than 20 years of designing and manufacturing experience in wet wipe machine business.
4.Technology-oriented: GACHN has a technical and R&D team of more than 40 personal
5.we can cooperate with the client to develop new machine design to meet the new products need, such as provide the resource and test stand etc.

  • 3 MONTHS
  • 400 SETS/YERA
  • Information

Electric system:Electric safety circuit protection, CE certification

Control system: full servo motor control

Unwinding device: automatic tension control system

Cleaning and disinfection :Hygiene grade design,  conveyor belts which contact with liquid are designed accord with hygiene standard

web guiding system:Automatic web guiding system for jumbo roll to ensure high speed stable running and folding accuracy

wet wipe machine

Family package baby wipe machine

wet wipe machine

Technical data

1. Wipe making machine stable speed:1000pcs/min

2. Bagger speed: 60bags/min;

3. Full servo control system:Mitsubishi system

4. Pnumetic parts:SMC or CKD

5. Full servo controlled, non-stop raw material roll changing design makes that 24 hours non-stop running of mini wipe making machine possible.

6. Folding type:s Z type,double Z type,W type.

7. Main power supply:AC380V±10%  50HZ

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