Why use automatic packaging machine for wet wipe production


Why use automatic packaging machine for wet wipe production

In the production process of wet wipes, why use a wet wipes automatic packaging machine, let's understand from several aspects.

     One is the high efficiency of automatic packaging. The size of the packaging film is determined according to the size and number of wet wipes to be packaged. The machine folds and pre-packs, which can complete a series of automated processes such as labeling, packaging, and gluing.

     The second is that automatic packaging can achieve standardization. Manual packaging is to push the wet wipes into the pre-packaged bags through a semi-automatic packaging machine, or directly manually put the stacked wet wipes into the pre-made bags, and then seal them with a sealing machine. Manual and Machines vary in standardization.

wet wipes automatic packaging machine

     The third is that automatic packaging can reduce the instability of manual packaging. The automatic packaging machine can reduce the labor intensity, and the manual packaging that improves the working conditions is very labor-intensive. For example, manual packaging of bulky and heavy products consumes physical strength, and the frequency of wet wipe packaging is high and the action is monotonous, which is likely to cause occupational diseases to workers.

     More importantly, in the medium and large-scale fully automatic wet wipe production line, manual packaging is used at the back end, which may require 5-7 people to carry out. Such economic benefits are not as good as using automatic packaging machines.

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