Sanitary napkin stacking packaging machine


Sanitary napkin stacking packaging machine

In production lines such as sanitary napkins, the laminating machine is a device between the Converting Line of products and bagging and packaging. Its main function is to "catch" each piece of products that fly off the host at high speed one by one, group and arrange them neatly according to specified quantities, and transport them to the final bagging process.

This machine is also known as "stacking packaging machine".

Sanitary napkin stacking packaging machine

At present, the speed of the mainstream diaper palletizer in the market is about 400 pieces/minute, the faster one can be opened to 600 pieces/minute, and few can do more than 800 pieces/minute

 Gachn Technology  servo sanitary towel stacking machine, the whole machine adopts servo motion control technology, servo needs to adopt Japan Mitsubishi A series motion control CPU+MR-J4-B series AC servo system, stacking speed can reach more than 1200 pieces/minute, to ensure punctual delivery of orders

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