How to maintain and maintain the automatic wet wipes packaging machine


The production of multiple pieces of wet wipes is automatically fed by the automatic wet wipes packaging machine through folding, humidification, cutting, counting and accumulation, automatic packaging machines and other products for coding, opening, labeling, and the insertion angle of the packaging bag. The whole process does not need manual labor, and the production process is fully automatic, fast and safe. Every type of machinery needs to be maintained and maintained to prevent and avoid failure problems in the next work, affecting the progress of the work.

wet wipes packaging machine

So what are the maintenance steps of the automatic wet wipes packaging machine?

First, we need to turn off the power before cleaning the device. Wipe the machine table and outer surface with a clean, damp rag to ensure that the packaging machineis not scratched. This cleaning and maintenance work should be carried out regularly.

Use compressed air to remove product debris from the feed mechanism and mid-end seal.

Use the oil on the wire brush to remove the adhesion of the knife end to the film, if the packaging material is left on the knife, it will affect the next round of product packaging, resulting in poor packaging.

The solid-state relay is burned out, the thermostat is damaged, and the thermometer cannot control the temperature of the thermocouple. The repair method is to replace it with electricity, replace the temperature control meter, and replace the heating body.

In addition, there will be residual product fragments at the inlet and outlet of the packaging machine, which must be cleaned. It can be cleaned with an air compressor, and the effect is also very good.

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