housewarming ceremony

2022-09-08 11:10

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On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Xiamen GACHN Technology Co., Ltd. held a housewarming ceremony on the auspicious day of the year Tiger.

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Unveiling ceremony

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President Dai Chaohui expresses his gratidue to all the guests and  colleagues for their efforts. Dai said

today will be a new starting point for GACHN Technology and we believe we will carry new hopes and

start a new chapter in the future.

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GM Li said that with the joint efforts of president Dai and all employees, GACHN technology has

stepped to a new level. Today's move is not only the improvement of the office environment, but also

indicates a bright future for the company. Today is an inspiring time to look back at the past and look

forward to the future. we will face the future with a new attitude and higher requirements and work

together to achieve better future.

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We firmly believe that under the leadership of President Dai and General Manager Li, we will step up

to a new level and have a promising future.

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